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  • Maintains healthy cholesterol levels

  • Maintain healthy circulation

  • Maintain joint flexibility

  • Promote/support cardiovascular health

  • Reduce mild menstrual cramping and abdominal pain

  • Support visual health/visual acuity


How to take OPC-3

To start using OPC-3™ for its benefit as an antioxidant and free radical scavenger, take two level capfuls in 4 oz of water for every 150 pounds of body weight for the first seven days. This is referred to as the "saturation dosage".


Then, switch to a daily dosage of one capful, per 150 lbs. of body weight, as a maintenance dose.


For example, if you weigh 190 pounds, you would take three servings of OPC-3™ per day for seven days, then switch to two servings per day for long-term health maintenance. Any excess of OPC-3™ will not be of any negative consequence, but actually increase it's positive effects.  You can not overdose on OPC-3™ since it is non-toxic and any excess will be excreted by the body, just like vitamin C.

What do antioxidants like OPC-3 do?

An antioxidant is a substance that gives up electrons easily so it can neutralize oxidants, including free radicals. Unfortunately, these protective systems may not always be adequate when a system becomes overloaded and weakened with free radicals.

Free radical damage:

Fight free radicals - OPCFree radical attacks on DNA, which is the genetic material of the cells, cause cells to die or mutate and possibly become cancerous. Free radicals may be involved in cancers of the lungs, cervix, skin, stomach, prostate, colon and esophagus.

Free radicals also attack blood fats which may lead to heart and blood vessel disease. When the LDL type of cholesterol reacts with free radicals it becomes damaged and this may lead to arteriosclerosis. Unless LDL cholesterol becomes damaged it does not seem to be harmful. Thus the damaging of LDL cholesterol is a critical link between high blood cholesterol and the build-up of vessel-blocking plaques.


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