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Are you concerned about losing your job now or in the future? Are you looking for another stream of residual income? Are you tired of living from paycheck to paycheck?

If so, you should look into the possibility of building a residual income as a Market America UNFranchise owner. Let us know of your interest, and we will be happy to share info about the Market America Opportunity. Just send an e-mail to

Market America is a product brokerage and Internet marketing company that specializes in One-to-One-Marketing. With more than three million customers and 160,000 Distributors worldwide, the company has generated over $2.4 billion in accumulated retail sales.

For a detailed description of the business opportunity, please visit the Plan Page.

Watch the videos and read the information. Then click on the on contact button the left if you're interested in learning more about the opportunity that Market America has to offer.

Market America is expanding with the market trends and doing surveys with customers to find out what they want.  Market America is the only residual income we have ever established with an extremely minimal investment of time/ money.


Response to a claim that Market America is not a viable business: (from a recent forum post)

Market America is NOT a scam. It is a member of the BBB in good standing!. J.R. Ridinger found that MLM's were not successful. He created a different proven business system that works for the average person. You have to judge for yourself. See the business plan first before pre-judging. I have seen local couples in my area making $20,000 every four week pay cycle. There is proof out there Market America is successful.


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